Childsafe Policies

 In accordance with Cricket Australia's Policy for Safeguarding Children and Young People, Gisborne Cricket Club has appointed Jim Hynes in the role of Child Safety Officer.


Jim has been involved with the cricket club as a player, senior coach, junior coach, parent and committee member since 1999.


Jim is your first point of contact if you encounter any issues regarding the Childsafe Policy and all contact is confidential. Jim can be contacted by phone or email as indicated on our contacts page.


Secondary contacts are our Junior Coordinator, Brett Thomas, and our President Andrew Headberry. Gisborne Cricket Club is an inclusive and welcoming club and any concerns will be treated with the respect they deserve.


/files/859/files/Policy docs/ac action plan commitment statement endorsed.pdf


/files/859/files/Policy docs/acs policy for safeguarding children and young people updated 27082020.pdf

/files/859/files/Policy docs/looking after our kids for associations clubs endorsed.pdf


/files/859/files/Policy docs/ac action plan_image consent and release form.pdf

/files/859/files/Policy docs/ac action plan_parent guardian transport approval.pdf

/files/859/files/Policy docs/ac_child safety_acknowledgement form.pdf